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Welcome to Rutland County Golf Club Senior's Section WEB site. The purpose of this site is keep our members fully informed of what is happening within the Senior's Section of Rutland County Golf Club. Within its pages you will find the Events Diary, which gives the FULL list of events for the coming year. This page links with the draw sheets for all the competitions and the teams picked for each of the Inter Club matches, of which we have 24 this coming season.  A pictorial introduction to this years Seniors Committee Members, so you know who to contact with ideas, compliments and complaints.  A write up of the week’s events is posted in Latest News, so everyone knows where the prizes are going, and the handicap changes. The Seniors Open, click here for a link to the page for details.        																                    Keith Wright              Seniors Captain 2020


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New members are most welcome. We do ask that on your first day at the club you make contact with our Brian Kirby the WEB Master to enable him to record your contact details. Contact The Club’s main office can be contacted:- Telephone: 01780 460330

Captain’s Message for 2020

I’ve been a member of Rutland County since 1995. After a short break from 2010, I returned to play when I retired in 2014 - and joined the senior section. I've been on the committee for a few years and played with most of the members over that time. We have an excellent camaraderie unrivalled, I think, in any of the local clubs. I find myself in an unexpected early captaincy. The last few months have been chaotic and caused our captain to resign. I was looking forward to working with Stuart through his captaincy then taking over. And now the coronavirus hits us so we have no golf in the near future. I hope we can get back to our senior section activities and matches soon. In the meantime, please keep safe and well. I am continuing to support Dementia Support (South Lincs) as my charity. We met their team and I would not want to disappoint such a helpful organisation.
Keith Wright Captain
Andrew Boyce Vice Captain
Ron Jenkins Secretary
Simon Gauntley Treasurer
Andy Parrott Committee Member
Brian Kirby Committee Member
JohnCrossley Committee Member
Vacancy Committee Member
John Mason Committee Member
Steve Markham Past Captain
The charity this year is Dementia Support South Lincs, DSSL. Although I have no immediate relations who have had to use their service I have a number of friends whose parents and loved ones have. They have all praised the work they do and how committed they are to helping people suffering from this awful illness. Set up in 2011, Dementia Support South Lincs is a registered, independent charity now supporting more than 250 families in Bourne, Stamford and The Deepings area who are affected by some form of dementia or memory loss. People with dementia and their careers are welcomed into a supportive and friendly community environment with therapeutic activities and social events run by our Dementia Support Workers, volunteers and Trustees. These groups can be a time to share experiences and make friends. A detailed description of their work and all the contact details can be found on their website,

Captains Charity 2020

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RUTLAND COUNTY SENIORS Web Site Rutland County Golf Club

RUTLAND COUNTY SENIORS Web Site Rutland County Golf Club